Secrets from a Pilates Instructor: I Just Make It Look Easy

Exercise isn’t easy.  I am capable of doing advanced Pilates exercises (some, anyway, there are still some I haven’t conquered).  Yet when I go to a beginner Pilates class, I find the exercises challenging.  That speaks to how difficult Pilates can be.  I often hear from clients that I make an exercise look easy.  Trust me when I tell you it’s not easy.  Here’s how I can pull off making something look easy:

  • You were never trained to see how I’m screwing up. That means I can make all sorts of errors and you’ll never know. Because trust me, when I take a class, I still need the reminder to engage my abs or legs. I need correction as much as you.
  • If I’m going to demonstrate something in front of the class, I know which side I’m stronger on to give you the best view. I’m not trying to hoodwink you, but it’s my job to try and show you proper form, so I try to give the best form I’ve got.
  • If I stay down on the mat for a few reps, I’m not giving it all I’ve got the way you are. When I’m teaching it’s not my workout. I’m […]