Plank Story: My First Mammogram

My first mammogram was fine—the process and the results.  Women should inform other women that the experience is not that bad.  I’ve always heard horror stories, and the procedure is a breeze.  It’s not as fun as having the ear doctor suck dry skin out of your ear, and it’s not how I’d choose to spend an afternoon, but it wasn’t painful.  I can see how it would be tough if you have tender breasts, but if you can schedule your appointment whenever you want, I think you can adjust accordingly.

I figured I’d make conversation with the mammographer (a title I prefer to technologist) while my bosom was being squished between the plastic plates.  That’s what I do with the phlebotomists to pass the time.  I asked whether it was easier to do a mammogram on a busty woman or someone flat chested (the category I’d put myself in).  She explained that they were hard for different reasons.  A big bosom is hard on her wrists as she places the breast on the machine.  A small bosom can be hard to grab a hold of.  And she added, “But your breasts are just perfect.”  I’m assuming that the rest of […]