Happy Mother’s Day!

There are many reasons why I’m grateful I had the mother I had.  Here are just some in honor of Mother’s Day!


Me and my mom, my mom and me

My mom has always been a great advice giver.  She taught me to never let them know they are getting to you. When things didn’t go my way, she encouraged me to see the humor and the story in the event. She always encouraged me to pursue dreams without letting me think they are easily attainable.

No Pressure

My mom expected us to try our best, but there was no pressure to do better or be a straight A student for the sake of getting A’s or killing ourselves.  She has always balanced work with fun and encouraged relaxation—a trait I’m still trying to learn from her.  I admire her ability relax.  It’s vital to our health and we don’t give enough credit for those who don’t sweat the small stuff.  The older I get, the more I appreciate this about my mother.  Not just because it is a good trait, but because I was born a type-A, go getter who could burn the […]