Walking on Fire


The fire ablaze. The fire ablaze.

Why did I want to do a firewalk?  That was the question everyone asked me when I mentioned I was doing one.  I still don’t know the answer.  Curiosity.  An interesting experience.  To know what it feels like.  Conquer fear.  Know that I can do it.  To see how my nervous system responds.  Those were all a piece of what intrigued me, but when I tested those answers on different people none seemed to satisfy anyone. 

I don’t have an answer.  What makes anyone want to do anything?  I don’t want to bungee jump or cliff jump even though that might help me get over my fear of heights and would be an adventure. I’m not a thrill seeker.  Firewalking isn’t like a rollercoaster ride.  I don’t want to do an ultra-run, but I can understand why someone would feel compelled to run in an extreme environment for days.  I hadn’t thought about the why at first because I naively assumed everyone wanted to firewalk.  As it turns out most people don’t.  I told