Hiking Alone

Heading to the trail-head alone. Heading to the trail-head alone.

I can’t explain why but I needed to go hiking alone. I felt compelled to hike in the White Mountains all by myself.  For some people this may be no big deal.  When I’m hiking, I see lone hikers all the time.  And now I wonder if their moms are as worried about them as mine was about me.  Because mine was pretty worried.  If cell service allowed I promised to text her practically hourly.  Luckily for her sanity there was service the entire hike.  It made me feel safer too.

Part of my reason for hiking the White Mountains alone was practical.  I didn’t feel like planning.  I was going to be half way there after working in Boston, and I didn’t want to have to drive back to Connecticut to meet friends and drive back.  Matt was traveling for work.  But for all those excuses there was something else drawing me.

The White Mountains is one of my favorite places to spend time. I wanted it to myself for a moment.  I’m comfortable there.  The hikes are challenging and you can get […]