12 Ways to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Movement can be playful!

It’s all too common. We make our New Year’s Resolutions to get and keep moving with exercise routines on Jan 2nd and by February we’ve forgotten all about it. So how do you stay motivated? Here are some tips for keeping active longer. Different suggestion work for different people, so figure out what it is that motivates you!

Keep Moving Tips

• Make sure a class or gym you register for it close. The closer it is to you home, the more likely you are to do it.
• Find a seasonal activity to love. Maybe swimming in summer or cross country skiing in winter.
• Meet a friend. You get to visit and move. Plus you hold each other accountable.
• Make sure it’s fun. You won’t do it if you hate it. And movement can and should be fun.
• Only allow yourself to watch TV if you are moving. So you can watch if you get on the bike, elliptical or get down and do some crunches.
• Agree to at least 5 minutes of movement a day. More often than not once you get started you’ll do more, but if […]