Your Posture Matters More Than You Think

Posture:  1. A position of a person’s body when standing or sitting. 2. A particular way of dealing with or considering something, an approach or an attitude.

When talking about the body, we tend to discuss definition number one—the actual physical position of our body.  And while that’s important and does relate to our physical wellbeing, the second definition is directly linked to the first.  Think of mopey Eeyore.  He’s depressed and you can see it in his whole being.  His body sags.  His head slumps.  He’s miserable, and you can tell before he even opens his mouth.

Yet walk into an interview or any stressful situation after assuming a power pose (think Super Woman) and studies show you will have more confidence and perform better.  You can actually alter your hormones and the way you feel by changing your posture.  Next time you have a big event go into a bathroom stall (where no one can see you) and make yourself larger than life—pushing your hands up to the ceiling and puffing your chest out or stand tall and firm with your hands on your hips for two minutes.  Posture matters—for how your feel physically and emotionally.  It also matters for […]