I have been on a Low FODMAP’s diet since January 2nd.  Commencing immediately after the season of sugar, gluten, chocolate, carbs, gravy, chocolate, eggnog, and did I mention chocolate?

Forced into a Healthy Lifestyle

This diet is not by choice, although I guess no one can make me do it.  My gastroenterologist prescribed it.  I keep getting this frustrating gut bacteria called SIBO.  You can delve deeper into that in my blog titled, “Gas or Menstrual Cramps.” It’s a tale filled with TMI and information you may never have wanted to know about my large and small intestine, or maybe you are super curious about intestines.

My doctor thought Low FODMAPS is so important that she prescribed me a dietician to explain just how I’m supposed to eat now.  Going into the New Year I did not feel like I was in the right mental place to alter my food lifestyle.  Like a little kid, I just didn’t wanna.  I keep reminding myself this is a LOW FODMAPs diet, not a NO FODMAPS diet.

Always Experimenting

This is not the first time I’ve tried a diet experiment.  Over the years, I’ve experimented with diets […]

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The Power of Hypnosis

Not exactly how it works. Not exactly how it works.

Once upon a time I loved sleep.  It came so naturally. The second my head it the pillow, I’d be out.  Actually, if it was after nine at night, I’d fall asleep standing up mid-conversation, mid-sentence.  Eight hours later I’d awaken from a deep rest refreshed and excited about 5:30am.

I’ve struggled with sleep for close to four years since my thyroid went haywire.  I’m hypothyroid and normally that means I should sleep ten hours a day and never feel rested.  Instead, I only get four to six hours of sporadic sleep and never feel rested.  For the most part, I just deal with being sleep deprived.  Once you’re used to it, it’s actually amazing what you can still do, to a point.

At times I have moments of concern.  I read an article reiterating all the things you try not to think about: sleep is when the body heals, lack of sleep increases your chance of gaining weight and making poor food choices, if you don’t sleep you’ll probably get Alzheimer’s.  Basically, this sleep thing I seem to have no control of is […]

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Going Gluten-Free Gets A Bad Rap

I’m gluten free, and I’ve had a few people mention to me that they read that eating gluten-free isn’t healthy.  I found an article in Consumer Reports basically saying as much.

But there is a faulty premise in the article.  It presumes that if you are gluten-free you are going to eat a lot of gluten-free products.  Of course that’s not healthy.  That’s like going sugar free and using fake sugar substitutes or trying a low fat diet and eating foods filled with sodium to give them some flavor.  Xanthum gum? Guar Gum?  I’ve basically come to the personal decision that I want to stay away from anything that sounds indigestible.  Remember when your mom told you if you swallowed your gum it would stay in your stomach for twenty years or something like that?  It won’t and neither will guar gum probably, but it doesn’t sound real. I’m going to try not to eat it.

I’m not an advocate for anyone else going gluten-free.  If I didn’t have a reason to give it up, I’d still be scarfing down muffins, pies, cakes, bread.  Oh, and sandwiches.  How I long to be able to pack a sandwich for the day.  One that […]

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