Plank Story: Boxing Ezzard Charles

Robert "Red" Hale on the left.  Robert “Red” Hale on the left.

Both my grandfathers fought in the South Pacific during WWII.  While I know more of my Grandpa Downie’s tales from the time, my mom’s dad, Red, had a story that I love to share. 

He was in the pacific on liberty.  Sometimes during the liberty the sailors would start a pick-up ballgame or set up a boxing ring.  My grandfather had just entered a make-shift boxing ring.  He had the gloves on when a monster of a man stepped in at six-feet, 200-pounds.  My grandfather and his twenty-nine inch waist turned to the ref, eyes wide and hollered, “Take the gloves off!  Take the gloves off!”

But the larger man said, “Don’t worry, kid.Plank Story: Boxing Ezzard Charles2017-12-29T19:55:33-04:00