Winter Walking

It’s been a season of eating (and it isn’t even Christmas yet).  I already moan in disgust when I think about chocolate (although I still continue to eat it).  Part of me can’t wait for January to get back on track.  And while I hope that includes some healthier eating  (I’m considering giving up sugar for January and February this year),  I know myself and I know I rather be moving.  So I’m committing to walking 15 miles a week.  That is only 5 miles three times a week or 3 miles five times per week—contrary to my counting in class, I can do math.  In addition to my regular exercise routine, I used to do that easily, but lately I haven’t made time for it.  I’m lucky if I get out once.  Walking is vital to my mental health as well as my physical wellbeing.

Anyone want to join me on this three month challenge to add 15 miles of walking per week?  My Grandma used to walk three miles a day and she swears it’s what has kept her healthy and agile.  If you attend my classes, you recently saw me act out her impressive ability to balance on […]