Fluoride in Tap Water Potential Neurotoxin linked to lower IQ and Hypothyrodism

Should we drink our tap water? Should we drink our tap water?

I’ve hesitated to write this blog for a while because I always hate the idea of fear mongering, but I’ve decided that I’m really just providing information.  You can research more.  You could not read this. You may already know this. Either way you can ultimately decide what is best for you and your family.

I’ve limited my personal consumption of fluoridated water for years.  That is nearly impossible if you order water when you go to a restaurant, and it requires carrying water bottles around with you, but I think it’s worth it.  My concern began years ago because I wasn’t aware of any thorough testing on whether or not fluoride was bad for human conception, excluding the potential benefits to your teeth.  Did you know too much fluoride is actually bad for your teeth?

But now there is more and more research to point out that we should all be concerned and cautious.  While the CDC lauds the benefit of fluoride in drinking water for good dental health, new research is pointing to the fact that we may want […]