Plank Story: Underwear Expert

This is not my first plank story about underwear.  I am not an underwear expert by any means, as you are about to learn.   We have very close friends who live on a street with the name Dusty Bottom Lane.  They once bought Matt a pair of Duluth underwear—definitely the best underwear in the world.  (I don’t sell for them, I just know Matt speaks very  highly of them.)  One day Matt had to climb up into the rafters of our house to hang a curtain.  He went up wearing only in his undies.  He came down, wearing his Duluth boxers and a layer of dust all over his bottom.  I laughed and suggested that: “We have to text a picture of your dusty bottom in the underwear they gave you.”  Without missing a beat Matt responded: “We are not sending anyone a picture.”  Fair enough.  I get that.

So instead I just sent a text: Matt’s bottom is dusty from climbing up in the rafters in his Duluth undies.  He won’t let me send you a pic so neither can you see the underwear you got him or his actual dusty bottom.  SEND

Then I immediately started repeating, “Oh, […]

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