Just a Spoonful of Sugar

SugarAs I write this, I’m snacking on some popcorn, which I can gladly say has zero grams of sugar.  Since I did the ten day detox (no grains, sugar or dairy) last month, I’ve been very mindful of how much sugar I eat.  Note: I still eat it.  I’m just trying to be aware.

I’ve always known that there is added sugar in everything, but I’d never stopped to really think about where or how much I should or shouldn’t consume in a day.  In prepping for the detox, I read that Prego Sauce has the same amount of sugar as two Oreo cookies.   Based on both their websites today, Prego actually has a bit more than two Oreos (a serving of Prego: 10-grams of sugar, a serving of Oreos (which is three cookies) 14-grams of sugar).  Just two cookies and you’re actually getting a little less sugar than if you have the sauce.  This surprised me, and I was annoyed.  I don’t even eat Prego, but the idea that all sorts of food are adding unnecessary sugar annoyed me.  I make a delicious spaghetti sauce without any sugar.  I don’t want […]

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Do a December Detox

Do you want to join me on a 10-day detox this December?  Please keep reading.

This holiday season I will not bite the head off of any more chocolate Turkeys. This holiday season I will not bite the head off of any more chocolate Turkeys.

This is not a detox where you don’t eat.  That has never appealed to me.  I’m way too active to skip meals and drink only tea, and I get really crabby when I don’t eat.  My desire to do this detox comes from a couple of areas.  One, I always like a good food experiment, and, two, I’d been eating so terribly that on Halloween I looked at a bowl of Reese’s and thought the idea of sweets were disgusting.  That was perhaps a first in my entire life I was repulsed by food. But it’s been working in my favor.  Since then I have been eating better.  December is really hard month to stay on track, so a couple friends and I are trying this little challenge.    Here’s the info (if you’re still reading):

A friend and I got together to combine forces from the most recent books […]

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