Detox Debrief

So, you may recall that right before Christmas, I did a Detox that basically eliminated grains, dairy and sugar (except in fruit).  Here are the highlights of how that turned out:

I could not have done it alone.  Having some people on board made a big difference, especially in the beginning.  It was good to have people to keep me on task or to talk to when I wanted chocolate cupcakes.

Though the book I’d read swore I wouldn’t be hungry, and I think I was eating a lot, I was starving the entire time.  I’d wake up hungry in the night.  I’ve never felt such a bottomless, constant pit of hunger.  If I ever get on Survivor I will do this detox before to help prepare myself.

In ten days, I lost six pounds.  Since then, I’ve put three back on.  That much weight that quickly is never healthy.

On day seven for the first time in my life I actually did stop craving sugar and carbs.  I’ve heard people talk about cravings stopping, but I’ve never actually experienced that myself.  I usually give up sugar in the form of dessert in February, never all types of sugar.  I’ve never stopped craving it […]