Comic-Con Comfort Zone

Going to Comic-Con wasn’t exactly outside my comfort zone, but it wasn’t on my list of things to do, and certainly wasn’t something I’d normally be interested in attending.  I’ll plan a hike, a fire walk, a giant slip and slide and build an igloo, but I wouldn’t suggest a day at a comic convention.  The only reason I wanted to go was to spend time with my brother and Matt and to watch them enjoy it.  That was the only reason until I discovered John Cusack was going to be there.  I’m still not sure why Cusack was at Comic-Con, but I’ve been a fan before I even knew who he was as a child watching Natty Gann.

Stan Lee The awkward, though understandable, thing about Comic-Con is that you basically have to pay for any interactions with “the talent.”  If you want an autograph, you pay.  If you want a photo-op, you pay.  If you are someone who collects signatures that makes sense to me.  If, like my brother and Matt, you know Stan Lee is 93 and you probably won’t get another chance in life to interact with […]