Twenty Steps to Make A Rainbow Igloo

This project was so much fun.  I’m so glad I did it.  That being said, I doubt I’d ever do it again.  But it’s totally worth it.  Here is how we did it and what we learned along the way:

  1. Collect over 500 half gallon, cardboard containers. If you get about 520 to 530 that should be more than enough with some room for error.

Notes:  Fake stuff smells the worst.  Year old soy products, coconut milk and lactaid milk smells even worse than year old egg nog.  You’ve been warned.  Also, most people don’t use half gallons, so get as many people collecting for you as possible.  If you think that on trash night you can go recycling bin-to-recycling bin and find half gallons, don’t waste your time.  People just don’t use them.  Find your friends, family and local businesses that do and ask them to collect them for you.

2. Rinse them out and open the tops.

Notes: I didn’t rinse all of them, which I came to regret.  And the ones I opened froze faster and were easier to fill and carry.  It’s more work in the beginning, but will pay off in the end.

3. Fill with water and a little […]

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Multi-Colored Igloo: A Little Winter Magic

In the middle of maknig the igloo.It all started with a Facebook post.  My friend Amy (who we once went dog sledding with) saw that a family in Canada had made an igloo out of ice blocks.  She posted it on my page and suggested I do it.

500 Cartons Freezing Outside. 500 Cartons Freezing Outside.

Sold.  I started collecting half gallon, cardboard containers.  My clients dragged bags of them to classes, Stew Leonard’s in Newington gave me a ton.  Friends and family collected them.  I even went dumpster diving in my neighborhood on trash night in hopes of collecting enough.  And then Amy saved the day.  She drove 150 cartons from Fairfield, but it all came too late.  It was mid-March by the time we had over 500 cartons and it was too warm outside.

The cartons spent a year in my garage and a hallway upstairs.  Luckily they didn’t smell that bad.  I, perhaps, was the only person hoping 2015 would be another cold, snowy winter.  Got my wish.  So I started filling the cartons with water and food coloring and […]

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