Wiggle Your Tail Bone Because You Can

Did you know that you can move your tail bone just like you can move all your vertebra? At least you should be able to, but to feel it you may have to do a little digging.  The best place to try it is in the shower.  Next time you take a shower, find your tailbone with your finger.  You don’t actually have to go too deep into any crevices to find it.  When I was in China and getting a massage, the therapist rubbed my tailbone.  That was shocking and unwelcomed, but when you are searching for your own it’s not that invasive.

Once you find it, by engaging your pelvic floor (think do a Kegel) you should be able to feel it wiggle just a little bit. Think of the range of motion you can get from the first joint of your pointer finger.  It’s not a big movement, but you should feel something.

The tailbone is really the last bone of your spine. If something in the body is meant to have mobility, we want to keep it mobile.  Since everything is connected, if your pelvic floor is too tight or too slack that effects the positioning of the […]