Fascia & Chronic Low Back Pain

Supporting the legs will often make it easier to do a pelvic tilt from the abs.

If you are prone to low back pain, you might want to consider fascia as the culprit, especially if an X-ray and MRI reveal that nothing is wrong. 

Fascia is the connective tissue that runs along and encapsulates everything in our body.  Research has shown that people with chronic low back pain have lumbar fascia that is about 25% thicker than people without pain. 

What should you do if the lumbar (low back) fascia might be causing your pain?

1)       Massage

Find a qualified good massage therapist.  An effective massage does not have to feel like torture.  You don’t have to opt for a sport massage, unless that’s up you alley. 

2)       Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate

Like most of our body our fascia needs […]

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Bucket Seats: the bane of my existence

I hate bucket seats. I find it particularly irksome that a bucket-seat office chair would claim to be ergonomic because it goes against everything I’ve read or learned that would be beneficial for back health. So if your office chair or your car seat it a bucket seat (and it probably is) listen up. There is no way to sit in that seat that is beneficial for your butt, back or hip flexors.

If when you sit in a chair your knees are higher than your hips, you can give yourself all the back support you want, but it won’t cut it. Bucket seats have a carved out butt groove (the technical term) that force your hips to sit lower than your knees.

Check out that yellow line going from my hip socket to my knee. Which end looks higher to you? Check out that yellow line going from my hip socket to my knee. Which end looks higher to you?

Ergonomically for the health of your hips and spine, when you sit for an extended period you want your hips higher than your knees. Just imagine sitting on the […]

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