All is right with the world with this addition to our family–now that’s a little perspective!

After a whirlwind trip to Texas to visit my brother and sister-in-law before they became parents, my family and I flew back to Logan airport in Boston and called the shuttle to take us to our car.  Twenty minutes later, no shuttle.  Twenty minutes later, still no shuttle.

Hangry, sleep deprived, and generally irritable, I was growing more and more frustrated with the shuttle service.  In our modern world, I struggle with unnecessary inefficiency and unknowns.  It’s not a trait I love about myself.  Nearly twenty minutes later, the shuttle still hadn’t arrived.  Each time we called, the service would tell us to stay put, suggest we wait outside in the frigid New England cold, and hang up on us.  I sat down on the baggage carousel utterly exasperated.

Then I saw a man my age or a little younger walk by.  He had one leg, and I thought, “Oh, I’m okay.  My life is great. I can wait for this shuttle.”  It was a little perspective on how good and easy my life actually was.  Sadly, […]


Eyes on the Prize…How to Make Exercise Easier

I’m not sure I’m an Eyes on the Prize kind of workout person.  No doubt when I’m running a race, the second that finish line comes into view I’ll hone in on it, and I’ll run faster.  But I’m not sure that makes running easier or more fun for me.

That's me in the blue focused on the finish line That’s me in the blue focused on the finish line

Half the fun is looking around and not being focused.  The distraction of nature or talking to a friend is part of what gets me out there in the first place.

Now, send me on a hike instead, and I have to work to simply enjoy the serene surroundings.  I want to reach the top and only then can I stop and enjoy my surroundings fully.  So perhaps, the scenario matters.

But if you are someone who doesn’t like exercise or movement, this video might be helpful.  It proves that you can change your perceptive about how bad exercise is.  You can change your motivation by coming up with realistic goals.  If you are starting a walking plan or a running plan or a biking […]

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