8 Mindful Eating Tips

It is our annual Mindful Eating Challenge.  We do this in February for two reasons.  Honestly, the shortest month of the year is appealing if you are going to do a food challenge.  But also, many of us tend to set healthy goals in January.  Many of us have lost track of those goals by February.  This is a second reset—a reminder.

I know one of my goals for January was to stop distracted eating—not scrolling through social media, watching TV, or working through meals.  It lasted one and a half weeks.

No Pressure

This month is not about pressure.  You may or may not do your goal perfectly.  The point is to pick something you’d like to change/think about/learn about the food you consume and how it fuels you and makes you feel.

In the past, I always gave up sugar for the month of February.  Almost no one wanted to do that with me.  So a couple years ago at the advise of Stephanie Tishler from Tishler Coaching Services we changed this to the Mindful Eating Challenge.  It’s now much more popular.

Some Suggestions

You can pick anything you want to focus on.  Here […]

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22 Push-up Challenge

The 22 push-up challenge has been encouraging people to do 22 push-ups a day for a month to raise awareness about veteran suicides.  My brother-in-law sent me the challenge months ago.  I didn’t do it because I wasn’t feeling well.  Turns out I had Lyme disease.  But I did finally get around to creating a list of over 22 ways you can do a push up so that anyone doing the challenge can add some variety. Remember, never pick a version if it hurts in a bad way or seems to aggravate your body.  Here goes:

The Basics

  1. On your toes:
  2. On your knees:
  3. In tabletop

Gentler Versions for Individuals who need to go lighter on the wrists and shoulders

  1. Wall
  2. Wall Toss
  3. Flex Band Lying on Back

Playing with Speed

  1. You can slow down on the way […]
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Come Purge with Me

Over the weekend I was in central Pennsylvania, which is known for the best potato chip.  The secret ingredient is lard, which makes everything better.  I know this because my Grandma’s pie crust has lard and it is delicious.  Pie crust aside, I know this because I love food.  I love it too much.  So much that trying one bag of potato chips seemed insufficient, so my friends and I decided to have a chip taste test.  Kay and Ray’s was the winner, but we got to go through multiple bags and multiple brands.  I’m pretty sure I still feel the grease dripping out of my pores.

With this as just one example of how poorly I’ve been eating, I’ve decided it has to stop.  I need to make a change for my waistline, but more importantly for how I feel.  And even more importantly for the parts of me that I don’t feel—arteries, kidneys, liver—but that I want to fuel in a better and healthier way.

Starting Monday, May 9th I’m going back to my December Detox.  See the link for full details. I’m making a few tweaks.  I’ll be eating sweet potatoes, quinoa, some rice, and legumes if […]

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