Kill them with kindness

Christmas brings extra cooking, cleaning, decoration, wrapping and visits with friends. All good stuff, but all fit into a short period.

December is always a stressful month.  As much as I love Christmas, it adds a lot of extras that all have to fit into one month of the year.  Much of this past December I felt like I was constantly fumbling a football.  I couldn’t get anything right.  Overall, I laughed it off and saw it as comical, but I have no doubt some people I work with may have been frustrated when I was making mistakes or not responding to emails.

The Monday before Christmas I decided to get my act together.  I was going to make a master grocery list and go to the grocery store one time for the following two weeks.  With calendar and recipe book in hand, I recorded everything I could possibly need for baking, house guests, and cold winter days.  It was a fail.  I ended up going to the grocery store every day that week for something I’d forgotten.

In addition to groceries, I was trying to get a copy of the Wall Street […]