Season of Eating

Even though Thanksgiving was only last week, I feel like my holiday season started November 1st. I’ve been eating like it’s the holidays and working really hard to curb my food intake. And it doesn’t help that as the weather gets colder my cardio activity seems to be declining. I keep telling myself that I need to watch what I eat this month, but I’m not being a very good listener. My nagging is good and I appreciate the sentiment. I’m not wrong, but on some level I’m a little unrealistic. There are so many tempting goodies this time of year. I know I have an easier time adding workouts than curbing eating.

So here are some of the things I plan to do this month to help handle the abundant food I suspect I’ll be ingesting.

· Pull out my old Tae Bo Tapes
· Commit to Running at Least Twice a Week (pick the warmest days)
· Get to the Gym Once A Week to Swim or Walk the Treadmill (where I can catch up on some reading)
· Do an Extra Pilates Class Once A Week

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The Seasons & Exercise

I asked what you wanted to hear about in the blog and someone asked for a discussion on how seasons affect exercise. For me, anecdotally, the change of seasons are always a time to turn over a new leaf or start something new. It’s like we have four quarters to breaks activity up.

Some of the ways the seasons tend to effect exercise are obvious. We are all more likely to do more outside in the summer. There are different sports in different seasons, so if you like skiing, but hate the heat you might get in better shape in the winter months.

We all know that colder weather can be felt in our joints and our lungs. Hot, humid weather can make exercise miserable, so what really changes in our body during different seasons? Here are just some examples.

• A US study shows that blood pressure increases during the winter. They tend to think this is because we generally work out less in the winter and eat more, but it might also […]

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First Fall Weekend

Fall is officially here. This season has some of the best weather for being outside. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. Fall is just right. So how can you take advantage and be moving at the same time? Here are some of my favorite ways.

• Hike (I love Devil’s Hopyard and just recently discovered the blue trail at Castle Craig)
• Walk a town green
• Get one last walk on the beach in
• Run with a friend
• Pick Fruit in a local orchard, but walk to the fruit and skip any hay rides to the fruit
• Bake a pie from scratch—skip out on electric mixers and mix by hand for a slightly higher calorie burn
• Take your favorite exercises (pilates, yoga, kick boxing) and do some moves outside in a nice park

(Picture: Me and my dad hiking last fall.)

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Extra Challenge

Technically the half marathon I ran on Sunday was still in summer and my hike to the Grand Canyon in October will be in the fall. They are in two separate seasons, but they are only separated by a couple of weeks. I sort of accidently wound up with two of my four challenges back-to-back. I was using these challenges to get myself in the best shape of my life throughout the year. I’ve been hiking and running a lot and I actually feel like I’m in pretty good shape right now, but my concern is that I will crash and burn and have a few months of nothing. I don’t want to lose all my progress.

Right now my final challenge isn’t planned until the winter (meaning February). So I think I need another challenge to get me excited and push me to prepare for it between now and then. Any ideas?

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Feeling Fall

Mother with two children on meadow

Well, if you’re like me, you’re bummed that it feels like summer is coming to an end. But there is so much to look forward to in the fall. I might actually love fall more than I like summer (but don’t tell our short CT summer that).

I was pumping gas today (although today when I am writing this is actually September 9th) and the air was so cool. And I thought, I love bundling up in a warm sweater and sipping a hot cup of tea. A warm sweater and hot tea don’t mix with summer and it made me so happy that as New Englanders we get the change of season.

Which season it your favorite? What do you love about the fall?

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