Running Goals: Are They Worth the Pain?

The folks who motivate me to keep running. The folks who motivate me to keep running.

Last week I went for a run with my iphone, a playlist and some earbuds. That probably doesn’t sound event worthy to most people, except that the last time I had music when running it came from a Walkman.

In college I used to run six miles a day and eight to twelve (usually eight) on the weekends. I preferred running alone and only occasionally ran with others.  Running companions were so rare that I remember every time I had a running buddy.  Originally, not a lover of running, taking on long distances happened by accident.  One day I went for a run with friends, fell behind (I’ve always been slow) and got lost.  I figured if I kept running it would all be over sooner.  In the end, I’d run six miles.  And once I realized that I could, I wanted to do it all the time.

Now, I rarely enjoy running alone. It’s too bad because I think I got a lot of ideas and worked out a number of problems in my head jogging by […]

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Motivated By Food or Fear

Running 13.1 Running 13.1

I’m up to ten mile runs in my training for this year’s Hartford Half Marathon. I love the season of long runs. Any day I run ten miles or more before 8am, I feel so productive. Although, then I spend a good part of the day a little sluggish, so it’s probably a wash.

Earlier this year a runner-friend of mine asked who or what I pictured chasing me when I want to run faster. I laughed because I’ve never pictured anything chasing me. And I’m not sure I could use my imagination (which is pretty good) to motivate me that way.

So I told the truth. I’ll run faster to get back home and eat some chocolate. Basically, I’ll run fast for food over fear.

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Six Reasons to Slow Down Your Workout

We tend to think bigger is better.  We have to work harder and faster or we aren’t getting a good enough workout.  Sometimes we even use this as an excuse not to exercise.  But research is showing we can chill out.  You don’t have to go hard or go home.  You can just move.  Here are some research points in favor of a gentler workout:


  • Run Slow (10-min mile)

Running ten-minute miles and under 15-miles a week is more beneficial to your heart health than running faster for longer, which actually diminishes the gain for your heart.  So slow down and enjoy the run.  And stop calling yourself a jogger at a 10-minute mile.  It’s not 1970.  You’re out there running with everyone else.  You’re a runner.

  • Pilates Good For Your Mind

A small study showed that 10-weeks of Pilates increases memory, cognitive function and neural network activity.  You won’t be surprised if you’ve done Pilates.  It’s basically the exercise for multi-taskers.  There’s a lot going on at the same time.

  • Aerobic Exercises Creates New Neurons

That’s right.  Exercise is one of the few things, if not the only thing, in life that creates and builds new neurons in the brain.  This should be reason enough […]

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The Manchester Road Race

I ran the Manchester Road Race for the first time.  I’d planned to dress up as a turkey, which seemed fitting, but when I got there I soon realized that what my costume provided in warmth, it lacked in creativity.  My favorite costume was a group of guys who dressed up as different Robin Williams characters—Aladdin, Mork, Mrs. Doubtfire and Patch Adams. There were considerably better turkeys too.

The Easter Bunny & a Turkey run the Manchester Road Race The Easter Bunny & a Turkey run the Manchester Road Race

Matt, my beau, went as the Easter Bunny.  The crowds loved him.  People stopped him for a photo-op, a high-five and even a shot.  If I ever lost him, it wasn’t long before I’d hear from the crowd a roar of excited children and adults explode with, “The EASTER BUNNY!”  I only had one crowd member react to my tailored turkey.  I was right behind Matt when a little girl excitedly let out the reaction of the day, “The Easter Bunny, “ she proclaimed eyes wide and full or wonder, “And a turkey.”  It wasn’t said with disgust as much as utter disappointment […]

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Triathlon Training: Part I

So earlier this year I signed up to do a small triathlon (swim a half mile, bike about 12 miles, run a 5k).  A triathlon isn’t exactly on my bucket list. I more just want to be able to say I’ve done one.  And I thought it would keep me honest.  Having something to train for would force me to train after a reasonably lazy winter.

Except it didn’t work out that way.  The triathlon is Aug 4th and around July 4th I realized that I probably needed to start training.  I’d been running because I run anyway.  But I hadn’t gone biking once.  And while I try to get in the pool each week, I didn’t even know how far a half a mile was.

So I got on the horn.  I called the gym and I asked them how many laps equals a half a mile.  Twenty-two laps (there and back) is the answer.  I […]

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