Have Fun Gluten Free

I’ve been experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. When I have the time I actually really enjoy it. And I’ve had a lot of success. I bought Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s gluten-free cook book and only had one bad meal from it. The rest have been delicious. My favorite is a cherry and cocoa smoothie with avocado. It’s wonderful.

When I’ve gone out to eat I need to be very careful and I’ve ordered items I would never have gotten in the past. I’d never go out and order plain chicken and vegetables, but I did last week and it was really good. So far being without gluten is adding a little more variety into my diet.

And it’s fun. I’ve tried gluten-free pizza, gluten-free blueberry muffins, gluten-free dumplings. I’ll admit the pizza and the blueberry muffins are not as good as the ones I normally make, but it’s […]

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Slow Food vs. Fast Food

In August a grass roots organization set out to prove that “slow food” could be just as cheap (but a whole lot healthier) than fast food.  They set up a challenge to get people to post healthy recipes for under $5.  Over five thousand people have taken the challenge so far.  Do you want to be involved?  You don’t have to join anything to check out the recipes.
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Vegan Strikes Again

No, I still don’t have my test results back (total bummer), so we are going to need another vegan update (hopefully next week), but the experiment still lingers in the back of my mind. I think about it when I make my food choices. I now add more vegetables when I order something or plan our meals (although I could still probably use more). Please don’t assume I’m always healthy because I teach pilates. I could happily eat a bowl of pasta with Ragu for one or two meals a day. It’s easy and, what can I say, I like my carbs.

I think about my vegan month when I overeat because I never wanted to overeat on the vegan diet. For me the vegan diet made portion control a piece of cake. Even when the food was good, it was never so good that I […]

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Bananas On A Bun

I saw this recipe in a magazine the other day and thought it was brilliant. It was a quick breakfast choice for parents attempting to get kids to eat healthy. IDEA Fitness Journal referred to the meal as banana dogs.

Boy holding banana

Basically it is a banana in a wheat hot dog bun with peanut butter (in place of mustard), and, if desired, jelly (in place of ketchup). Even better if you use all natural (no sugar added) peanut butter.

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Healthier Grilled Cheese

I love grilled cheese. I love almost anything that involves cheese, but I don’t really like butter–I’m lucky that way. I can eat butter in mashed potatoes or in pie crust, but I don’t add it to my food and don’t like it on toast. So when I order a muffin or a grilled cheese and it comes smothered in butter, I’m always disappointed. Nothing can ruin a good pancake for me like butter.

For years I’ve been making my own grilled cheese in olive oil, but it’s not right. I’ve never been happy with it, and then last night I had a thought. It seemed brilliant at the time, but now it seems fairly obvious. Here’s what I did to make a delicious grilled cheese and cut out some of the sat fat. And it really was yummy.

Grilled vegetable sandwich on plate, close-up

Recipe for Healthier Grilled Cheese


2-3 Slices Cheese (I use white Land-0-Lakes American Cheese, sliced thin)
2 Slices of Good Bread (something with flavor like an oat of a nut bread)
1 Tomato (if you are so inclined […]

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