Mood Pick Me Up

Do you want to change your mood quickly? In all the holiday craziness and the crowds at the mall do you need to improve your spirits? Try one or all of these three tips to help improve your mood.

1) Exercise
2) Smile at Someone
3) Get Outside Even if It’s Just for a Deep Breath

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First Fall Weekend

Fall is officially here. This season has some of the best weather for being outside. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. Fall is just right. So how can you take advantage and be moving at the same time? Here are some of my favorite ways.

• Hike (I love Devil’s Hopyard and just recently discovered the blue trail at Castle Craig)
• Walk a town green
• Get one last walk on the beach in
• Run with a friend
• Pick Fruit in a local orchard, but walk to the fruit and skip any hay rides to the fruit
• Bake a pie from scratch—skip out on electric mixers and mix by hand for a slightly higher calorie burn
• Take your favorite exercises (pilates, yoga, kick boxing) and do some moves outside in a nice park

(Picture: Me and my dad hiking last fall.)

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Happy Summer

It is the first day of summer. Here are just a few of the reasons why I love the summer:

  • the sun
  • warm enough to kayak, hike, walk, run
  • the beach
  • reading a book at the beach
  • lazy days
  • cooling off in a movie theater
  • eating outside at restaurants
  • finding a shady spot to rest
  • running in a warm summer rain
  • eating fresh, locally grown foods
  • sweating (sometimes)
  • the semi-vacation attitude so many people seem to have
  • traveling

I’m sure I’ve missed some things that make summer wonderful. Any obvious misses stand out to you?

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Monday Morning Blues

Have the Monday Morning Blues? Here are some good ways to combat them:

• Have the first thing you do on Monday be something you like (10 minutes of pilates, relaxing with a book, going for a walk, etc.)

• Get your lunch and clothes ready the night before so you can set the alarm fifteen or thirty minutes later.

• Step out in the sun for a bit. Can you sip your coffee or eat breakfast outside?

• Start with a swim—this often seems to wake me up.

• Meet up with some friends for a walk or a workout that you enjoy.

Is there something else that you do that helps you get started on Monday?

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Cross Country Ski

I can’t spend three hours on an elliptical machine, but I can cross country ski for three hours without feeling like a minute has gone by. Last weekend I went skiing with some friends. I am a newbie. I went for the first time two years ago and didn’t get to go at all last winter. So this was my third time skiing and my first time out in two years. I didn’t fall once, but I didn’t always stay on the path either.

I don’t seem to be very good at turning. And, it turns out, if you aren’t very good at turning and you are going down a hill that turns, you will wind up off the path. But as long as you can laugh at yourself it’s all okay. Having supportive friends helps too.

After three hours I was starting to get tired. I figured I was going to be really sore the next day. The first time I ever went cross country skiing my inner thighs were really sore. I loved it because […]

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