Oil & Vinegar

I’ll start this blog by saying I know nothing about oil and vinegar, except that I like it. Over the weekend I heard about an olive oil and vinegar store in West Hartford called Bella Gusta. When I heard that someone what mixing blood orange olive oil and dark chocolate vinegar I knew I wanted that on my salad as soon as possible so I made a point to get there last week. Plus I’m always up for supporting another small business.

The place is neat. You walk in and everything is stored in stainless steel containers and you get to try everything. You actually sip the oil and the vinegar—sometimes separately, sometimes together. I can say for sure that I don’t like plain olive oil, but you can taste the difference between types. I preferred drinking them mixed (2 parts oil, 1 part vinegar), but by the end of a few sips my stomach had had enough. In all my tastings, dark chocolate and orange was not my favorite combination. I left […]

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