Gluten: The Good & The Bad

Okay—I’ve been gluten free for a three months and I’ve learned a couple of things. It really hasn’t been that hard. The only thing I miss is pizza—pizza is not the same, but I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten used to at least one gluten-free pizza option. But if you are going gluten-free here are some things I have found and learned:

Glutino is not the brand for me. Everything I have tried from them tastes awful.

Rudis makes good “original” bread.

Trader Joe’s sell Falafel chips—very flavorful and great with dip. Most chips are safe on a gluten free diet, but these are very tasty.

Vito’s in Wethersfield has good gluten free pizza. They also have gluten-free pasta but I haven’t tried it yet. The pizza is the one I’m getting used to. It’s pretty good.

Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust is like eating a lead brick that never digests in your stomach. Their other products seem good so far, but you can get them cheaper at Odd Job than at Whole Foods

Whole Foods has gluten free muffins in their freezer. Lemon poppy seed and cherry are really good. Morning glory tastes […]