Runner’s High: Fact or Fiction?

I’ve been working out again and it feels so good! I notice a difference in my mind and body, and the change is so palpable that it is a huge part of what sustains my desire to exercise. I think when nearly anyone moves their body and starts working out they feel better, but I’m not sure everyone feels as good as I do. If they did, they would stick with it more and exercise more. If everyone felt the way I do after exercising, everyone would exercise.

It’s like I’ve taken a drug. I think I sincerely get a high from exercise, and I feel lucky because it’s a healthy high. But I think it’s also why I feel so down when I go two weeks without it, so it does have a bit of a double-edged sword.

There has always been talk about a runner’s high and endorphins giving athletes a pick-me-up, but it turns out now there is actual science to back it up. Check out this article from the New York Times. I’d like […]

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Pickle Juice & Cramps

Woman stretching in park

Rarely does a Pilates class go by where someone doesn’t get a toe or foot cramp, and sometimes a cramp in the calf or hamstring. While I don’t typically get leg and foot cramps anymore I do feel for people who have them because I used to get terrible Charley Horses in the middle of the night.

I always suggest that people curl their toes (flexing their feet) and stretch. And luckily that is the right advice, but I’d also always understood that dehydration played a role in cramping, although it turns out there is no evidence to prove that. Still, I don’t think recommending people go home and hydrate is necessarily the worst idea.

However, here is the cool thing… A recent research study at Brigham Young University found that pickle juice seems to reduce leg and foot cramps. But why? It might not be what you expect. I assumed it had something to do with the salt or vinegar in pickle juice. The researchers aren’t sure yet what about pickle juice […]

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