A Sad, Sick World

Reading labels has made me discover how screwed up our food is in this country. And it makes me sad; it makes me sick; and it makes me a little mad. Okay, a lot mad. Because I don’t think people would have half the problems they do if we didn’t fill our food with corn, soy, and gluten. I appreciate we aren’t starving like so many people in the world who might give their right arm for anything, even if it’s filled with gluten. I guess this is a first-world problem, but I live in the first-world and on some level I need to deal with the problems that face me in my daily life. Gluten, soy, corn and natural flavors are just some of the problems that have gotten me in a tizzy as of late.

One of the first things I was told when I went gluten-free was that you can’t buy anything that has natural or artificial […]

A Sad, Sick World2017-09-12T19:31:36-04:00