Summer is Ending!

Summer will be over before you know it.   I keep wondering why people are talking to me about September already and then I realized the other day that it’s less than a month away.  The days are getting shorter (which always makes me sad) and the nights are getting cooler (which I’d love if it didn’t mean summer was ending).  I can’t believe it’s already mid August (almost).

So with only a couple weeks of summer left, what are the items you absolutely want to check off this summer that you haven’t gotten to yet or that you want to make sure you fit in once more?  For me, this is what I hope to make time for in the next couple weeks.

·         A swim in my mom’s pool

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Queen of the Sun–Honey Bee Colony Collapse

Years ago I used to get a group of friend together for a debate night.  It didn’t work.  Either we all agreed on a topic and the debate portion of the night ended early or people didn’t want to come because they thought they would feel too heated about the topic.  But a couple of weeks ago I went to a college friend’s house to watch The Queen of the Sun, an excellent movie on the colony collapse problem with bees, followed by discussion groups.  It is a brilliant idea to pick an important or relevant topic and have everyone get together to learn more about and then discuss the issue.  It was sort of like a book club but we got to read the book together that night.
The format of the night was fantastic and so was the movie.  As a novice bee keeper who lost all her bees last year, here are some of the highlights that stunned me.
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A few days ago I watched Navigating the Heart on Netflix. It was far from one of the better movies I’ve ever seen, but there was a line in it that I appreciated it. The basic premise of the movie is that a snotty, spoiled city-woman who is a journalist and workaholic comes to interview a fisherman who enjoys the land and does hard physical labor every day. And then they fall in love. But only after they are forced to get naked together because their ship is sinking and they need to stay warm.

Before they fall in love, when they don’t like each other at all, the woman mentions that she has trouble sleeping and the man says, “that’s because you’ve never worked an honest day in your life.” He’s saying that if she worked physically harder she’d be tired at the end of the day and sleep well.

I think it’s true. It’s not the case that jobs without physical labor aren’t honest jobs, but physical exertion makes you sleep better. Since I’ve gotten older […]


Food Inc

By the end of the movie Food Inc, I felt guilty about all the grocery shopping I did the day before (and I try to shop local and make healthy choices). Still, it was a powerful movie that will be a conversation starter if nothing else. You’ve probably heard many of the facts before, but maybe not all in one place.

With New Year’s Resolutions still cycling through your mind, this might be a good movie to rent or Netflix. It will definitely get you thinking. What I liked most about the movie is that it doesn’t make you feel powerless. It provides ideas for things you can do to make a difference.

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