Monday Morning Blues

Have the Monday Morning Blues? Here are some good ways to combat them:

• Have the first thing you do on Monday be something you like (10 minutes of pilates, relaxing with a book, going for a walk, etc.)

• Get your lunch and clothes ready the night before so you can set the alarm fifteen or thirty minutes later.

• Step out in the sun for a bit. Can you sip your coffee or eat breakfast outside?

• Start with a swim—this often seems to wake me up.

• Meet up with some friends for a walk or a workout that you enjoy.

Is there something else that you do that helps you get started on Monday?

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Monday Morning Blues

Woman turning off alarm clock

Monday morning can be tough. You wake up and know you have the whole week ahead. To make Monday feel a little better, pick a day of the week where your morning, afternoon, or evening (depending on your work schedule) is all your own. In that time slot pick something to do that will excite you and keep you motivated all week.

You can pick anything that gives you joy. Maybe you select one night for family dinner night, or movie night, or you have an adventure planned where you try something new in your state. Maybe you have friends over for game night.

Just remember that in addition to work we need to have some fun in life. So combat the Monday morning blues with knowing that you have fun planned in your week ahead.

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