Dr. Oz Says No Melatonin for Sleep

I think I have to stop watching Dr. Oz.  All the tips make me feel like I’ll never actually be healthy.  The show makes me more worried about what I’m not doing for my health than provide a boost of confidence about what I do right.  (Please don’t get me wrong.  I like Dr. Oz and think he has good intentions.  My issues are totally my own idiosyncrasies.)

For example there was a recent show on why melatonin is bad for you.  Melatonin is a sleep aid.  They couldn’t definitely say anything bad that melatonin does other than not working.  I started taking melatonin this year occasionally at least partially on a Dr. Oz recommendation.    His show was accurate in displaying how you get so desperate for sleep that you’ll do anything.  I was pretty desperate when I sought out melatonin.
I don’t have a problem falling asleep.  I have […]

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