Forks Over Knives

Last summer I read the China Study and tried the recommended no animal protein diet for a month.  As a 28-day vegan my HDL and LDL both dropped considerably, but my body didn’t feel good.  I was bloated and uncomfortable the whole month.  I don’t think veganism was meant for me, but I like the idea of eating and incorporating more whole foods into my diet.  And I like that someone was doing research that empowered people and provided a potential choice over some medications for certain problems.  Can diet really cure our health problems in this country?  The answer isn’t easy.  It depends on the problem and the person.
I think generally each person has to find a diet and lifestyle that works for them.  Obviously if you have health issues you may need to make more ardent changes, but if you are healthy you can sometime get away with a little more flexibility.  Some people might do very well on a […]

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Finished The Omnivore’s Dilemma

I finally finished the Omnivore’s Dilemma. Loved it. Although the last chapter waned a little philosophical for my taste, I’d recommend this book. And if you’re not a reader then I’d recommend the movie Food, Inc.

What I loved about both is that they don’t fear monger (although the trailer in the link above makes it look like the movie does). Instead they educate, and in the book Pollan asks very important questions even of himself and his own beliefs.

But now the real question is will I change any of my food choices. I sure want to. Pollan doesn’t ask you to make any changes, but if you read the book and don’t come away thinking about potential change, I’d venture to say you’re not human.

I’ve already made some changes and in our society it can be hard. A few months back in an attempt to cut back on processed food, I stopped buying cereal. But then I ate more eggs and oatmeal—oatmeal that is process and comes out of a box.

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