Butt Massage

Years ago a friend mentioned to me that she had gone for a rather awkward massage.  The therapist told my friend that she had tight hips and then proceeded to straddling her on the table, digging her knees into my friend’s glutes and hips to work out the kinks.  My friend was understandably uncomfortable. This is not a normal occurrence in a massage.  In fact, more often than not, massage therapists pass right over our glutes, bypassing a butt massage altogether.

Last year, Matt and I went away for my birthday.  We signed up for massages.  At one point the therapist said to me, “You have really tight hips.”  Then she straddled me and dug her knees into my butt.  All I could think of was my friend’s story.  The massage felt great, but I would have been uncomfortable if I hadn’t heard about this happening.  The second my massage was complete, I texted my friend: where did you get that massage?  Sure enough we were at the same place, and I have no doubt we had the same massage therapist.

Believe it or not, this was not the most awkward massage I’ve had.  In China a massage therapist once rubbed my […]

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Why Get A Massage

I try to make time for a massage every month. When I started teaching pilates for a living, I felt getting a massage was vital, and all I can say is that I wish I started getting a monthly massage before I became a pilates instructor when I worked in a office. I find the benefits to be endless. If I had the time and resources I would get a massage every week, actually, I’d ask my massage therapist to move in with me.

I recommend massages to many of my clients, and when I’m making a recommendation it’s always to Kim Perrotta at Woodside Therapeutic Massage in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Having a regular massage therapist, like Kim, is helpful because she knows my body specifically. Kim is also an occupational therapist, which provides her an even deeper understanding of the body and what it needs.

Since I think Kim is so wonderful, I asked if she would explain the many benefits of massage, and here is what she had to say:

Many people may […]

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Beat the winter blues by getting a massage this month. Go to a day spa with friends or go by yourself to a local massage therapist. Can’t afford a massage in this economy? Here are some ideas:

1) Get a group of friends together that you feel comfortable with and give each other massages. When I used to do theater, sometimes during rehearsals we’d stand in a circle and everyone would rub each other’s shoulders.

2) Offer to swap a 30-minute massage with your spouse, boyfriend, or best friend

3) Self massage. Lie on you back with you knees pulled into your chest. Rock side-to-side on your back and then circle your low back in different directions. It’s not the same a a real massage, but it does feel good.

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