Failure is Always an Option

We put so much emphasis on failing.  Lately, I keep seeing articles about revisiting our thoughts on failure.  Basically, failure is all the rage.  And I love it. In a nutshell the articles point out that if you never fail it’s possible you aren’t trying.  Arguably not to fail is to fail.   We tend to put so much emphasis on success, a term we struggle to define.  What makes a person successful—happiness, money, free time, a family, a home, the right outfit?  There is no standardized definition of success.  And, perhaps contrary to popular belief, failure is always an option.

Thanks to Merriam Webster for the following:

Success: 1) the act of getting or achieving, wealth, respect or fame. 2) the correct or desired result of an attempt.

Failure: 1) omission of occurrence or performance. 2) a state of inability to perform a normal function. 3) lack of success.

I don’t want fame.  So, I guess in not achieving fame, I’m successful in my goal.  I don’t think wealth is a substantive sign of success.  It’s a superficial form.  Maybe it’s a way to tally and compare, but wealth is not guaranteed to bring you joy, or a life without pain, or to make […]

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Mark Twain 70th Birthday Speech

Seventieth Birthday Speech

Note:  I often tell my classes about a great quote from Mark Twain about how he smoked so many cigars and didn’t exercise, and while that was a good option for him it would kill another man.  This is the full speech from where I got that quote as published on the PBS website.
Mark Twain, 1905.

Clemens sitting outside Stormfield, 1909.
Clemens outside Stormfield, 1909
Courtesy The Mark Twain House, Hartford

Well, if I made that joke, it is the best one I ever made, and it is in the prettiest language, too. I never can get quite to that height. But I appreciate that joke, and […]

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Reading Makes Me Healthy

I think always reading a book about health and wellness is the secret to staying healthy. Last year when I was reading the Omnivores’ Dilemma, I curbed my eating. Of course, when I was done I started back to my old ways. This weekend I just finished A.J. Jacobs Drop Dead Healthy. I didn’t want the book to end. It was a fun, easy read, and it made me want to strive to be healthier.

In fact this morning when I got up, I started searching Craigslist for a treadmill (under $100 is my goal). In Drop Dead Healthy, Jacobs recommends walking on a treadmill while at work. When I’m teaching classes I’m standing and moving around, but when I’m at the PC doing admin stuff for the company, I can sit for hours at a time.

I know how bad sitting is, so walking at a 1-2 mph pace instead seems like a great idea. I love multi-tasking, too. I think it will make it easier for me to focus, plus I get lots of good ideas when I go for a walk. Maybe this is partly because I break myself away from […]

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You Make Me Happy

Once in a while I like to stop and take stock in the things in my life that make me happy.  Try it for yourself.  These are just some of the things on my list today:
·         Matt
·         My Family
·         My Friends
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Who’s Excited About Their Psoas?

The Psoas Vs. Mark Twain
When I worked at The Mark Twain House & Museum people were fascinated with my job. They were interested in what I did; they were interested in Twain; and they were happy to listen to stories of the different people I’d gotten to meet there.

Now that I teach pilates, people are noticeably less interested. In fairness, I think it’s less about pilates and more about Mark Twain. When I taught high school people weren’t overly interested in the day-to-day details about what was going on in the classroom.

Working at the Twain House was a great experience, but I’m happier running my own company and teaching pilates. Now I get to read books about the body instead of books on Twain—both […]

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