I’m Thirty!

Well it’s done. I’m officially thirty. I’ve spent the past year being so excited about turning thirty that a piece of me feels a little let down. Kind of like when you spend months preparing for Christmas and then it is over in a heartbeat. It helps that I have a lot of exciting events planned for this year. But for the past year I have felt like I was twenty, when you can’t wait to be twenty-one, except there is no obvious perk that comes with thirty. However, I’ve heard many women say their thirties were their favorite decade.

In turning thirty and taking some stock in my life (let’s face it, thirty is still young, but it is one of those numbers that makes you want to reflect) I’ve kind of realized that one of the things I’ve had to come to terms with is my womanhood—the very thing I hope to embrace in my thirties. My life thus far has been an interesting roller coaster ride on my perspective of whether or not being a […]

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