Colin McEnroe Show Highlights About Feet

Earlier this week I was on the Colin McEnroe show to talk about feet (something I can easily chat about for an hour or more). A couple things came up that I thought were worth highlighting.

Liposuction on Your Feet: (Insert an image of me bug-eyed and pulling my hair out here.)

One of the guests, Dr. Levine talked about how people come in and request liposuction for their feet. The idea of this is so sad to me. I work with people, primarily women, but both men and women who have body issues. And to think that there are people now who are so unhappy with the look of their foot that they would have surgery (always a risky thing) is unfortunate.
If people could reconstruct their view on the feet, they would see that their foot is fabulous. It is an actual […]

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