Did the Bees Survive?

So it was a warm day in February that I got to check in on the bees Matt and I started raising last spring. I wasn’t hopeful. I couldn’t hear them buzzing and the hive had gotten really small when I last looked at them in October. But you never know.

I took the cover off the hive and was surprised to find almost nothing—maybe a hundred dead bees. So where did all the bees go? They didn’t survive, but I assumed there would be thousands of dead bees at the bottom.

Turns out, like many animals, bees will often leave their home to die. I felt bad like I hadn’t cared for the bees enough. Our friend Craig who has been guiding us through the process came to offer his advice. He thought it might have been a couple of things. We may not have fed them enough. We are supposed to feed them sugar water, […]

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