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Self Love

Movement can be playful! We are often our own hardest critic.  I know I am.  It’s my Type-A, entrepreneurial spirit. But no matter what our nature or our career path, I think we tend to be harsh with ourselves in a way many of us would never treat anyone else we care for.  We all need to give [...]

Instructor Highlight Maggie

Planking on the Turkish Steps in Sicily. While you may find Maggie subbing for another class, she generally is strictly a Pilates girl.  You can find her teaching in Glastonbury, private lessons at the Wethersfield studio, or at a corporate client.  She started Personal Euphoria in 2007.  Here's Maggie's instructor highlight! Get to know Maggie: When you [...]

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Instructor Highlight Maureen

So Maureen isn't one of our instructors, but she's an integral part of Personal Euphoria.  Maureen handles all the money and ensures our whole team gets paid.  She works with the towns, invoices, and processes payment.  And, if you've ever tried to watch Maggie count, you know it's important that she has help in this department. Get to Know [...]

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Instructor highlight Jeannine

Jeannine was the first instructor to come on board with Personal Euphoria.  She has a great sense of humor and a strong work ethic.  We are so lucky she is a part of our team.  She teaches all over the place: Wethersfield, Glastonbury, Rocky Hill, Portland, and for some of our corporate clients.  While you are most likely to [...]

By | May 29th, 2018|instructors, The Body & Movement|6 Comments

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