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The Body & Movement

Feeling on edge?

Have you been feeling on edge since mid-March?  Hmmm, I wonder why?  Perhaps you are human.  We’ve been dealing with a lot in the world lately between COVID, loss of work, black lives matter, and a general sense that we don’t know what the future holds or how to bring about changes we may desire.  And, we’ve been going through [...]

Beautiful Walks

Another perk of the pandemic is that I’ve found new and beautiful places to walk locally. It’s amazing how many places are available to us that we usually don’t take advantage of in the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Governor recently mentioned that everyone in Connecticut lives 15 minutes from a state park. That’s pretty spectacular. We [...]

Activities for Kids

Maggies nephew out for a stroll We’ve all been cooped up in our houses for months. Maybe the kids are going stir crazy. Maybe you are going a little stir crazy. So what are some fun activities for kids that will help them burn off all that energy? The possibilities for moves with kids are endless. But [...]

Better Balance Exercises

What a piece of work is Maggie. Can you see where I'm unbalanced? Research shows that balance training improves balance and strength. It is definitely worth incorporating balance exercises into your regular workout routine. Better Balance Study: A study tested a specific routine and found participants had improved balance and strength when performing a 50-minutes workout that included [...]

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Pelvic Floor & Breathing

One role of the pelvic floor or Kegel muscles is to aid in respiration. When we cough or sneeze and a little urine leaks out, we know that those muscles are misfiring, or maybe not firing at all. It’s super common, but not something we need to accept as normal. But what do you do about it? Let’s start simply. [...]

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