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The Body & Movement

Arm Strength

Planking on a mountaintop in New Hampshire Arms tend to be a weak point for many ladies.  But there are so many fun moves we can do if our arms, wrists, and shoulders are strong and stable enough.  You can do handstands, cartwheels, monkey bars, kick boxing classes, and push-ups.  Am I selling you on arm strengthening [...]

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Instructor Highlight Helen

Helen isn't an instructor, but you've seen her work if you've opened our newsletter or been to our Facebook page.  Helen handles all our social media and networking.  She also regularly provides Maggie with lessons about how to use basic technology like her iPhone, so our appreciation for Helen runs deep.  Here's Helen's highlight! Get to Know Helen: When you [...]

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Arm Workouts

Clearly, I need to do more arm workouts.  My friend’s eight-year-old daughter asked me how old I was.  I made the mistake of saying, “How old do you think I am?”  She walked over to me and instructed me to lift my arm up and out to the side with a bent elbow.  Then she patted my tricep flab [...]

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Butt Massage

Years ago a friend mentioned to me that she had gone for a rather awkward massage.  The therapist told my friend that she had tight hips and then proceeded to straddling her on the table, digging her knees into my friend’s glutes and hips to work out the kinks.  My friend was understandably uncomfortable. This is not a normal occurrence [...]

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Are You Engaging Your Abs or Your Butt?

In almost every exercise it is easy for another part of the body to take over and do the work of the muscles we are targeting.  This is particularly true when we do a pelvic tilt or rock from imprint (basically a flat lower back) to neutral (the natural curve in your low back).  Often instead of initiating imprint using [...]

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