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A Little Inspiration for the Day

Mystic Lantern Light Tours

The Mystic Lantern Light Tours When I was in high school and college I used to perform in the Mystic Lantern Light Tours.  They are what they sound like: tours, led by lantern light.  Walking along the dirt streets at the seaport is like stepping back in time. A period-dressed guide takes a group of people from historic home-to-home-to-ship-to-pub [...]

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Practice Makes Perfect…or does it?

Every Christmas I make our neighbors suffer while listening to me carol. Good thing I have friends who can carry a tune and nice neighbors! The saying “practice makes perfect” is an expression that dates back to the 1550’s when the phrase was actually “use makes perfect.”  John Adams may have been the first to express the [...]

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Plank Story: Milk a cow

It was suggested to me that this is the best angle to photograph milking a cow. Finally!!!  I milked a cow.  For years I’ve wanted to milk a cow, which is a challenging task to complete in Connecticut.  If a farm sells their milk, they are not allowed to let uncertified hands touch their cow’s udders.  Unless [...]

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

My Grandma at 88 on a Stability Ball. Life and age can alter our perspective.  Years ago when my grandma was in her eighties, she hired a man to paint her house.  When talking to my mom, she would say that the “kid” kept taking breaks while he painted.  My mom pictured a kid slacking off, but then [...]

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