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What is your purpose?

My purpose Venn diagram There is a concept in Japanese culture that research suggests may contribute to happiness and longevity.  They call it ikigai.  We don’t have an exact translation in English, but in a nutshell it’s basically your life’s purpose.  As westerners we’d generally think of your life’s purpose as something big and lofty.  Ikigai is more [...]

By | October 16th, 2017|goals|1 Comment

Improve turnout for ballerinas, Irish step dancers and everyone alive

Most dancers crave a solid turnout.  That’s when your hips, knees and feet laterally rotate (or turn out) instead of being parallel with each other.  Every foot position in ballet is done in turnout.  What changes is how wide the stance is or where your feet are lined up in relation to each other, but the feet, knees and hips [...]

By | October 11th, 2017|dance, hip distance apart, hips, posture, practice|1 Comment

Failure is the mother of success

Plank at sunset on Kili While I can’t say I’m not bothered by failure, I can at least recognize that very often I get some of my best stories out of failures or at least times when things didn’t go as expected. Still, failing is hard.  It’s hard to accept.  It’s hard to admit.  It’s embarrassing.  When I [...]

By | October 2nd, 2017|hiking, travel|2 Comments

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