Follow Your Karma

I am very skeptical about almost everything, but even I found this “sign” intriguing.  The other day I went to get a message (a little post-Ragnar Relay relief).  They had these cards I’d never noticed before.  While I was waiting, I picked one up.  It had one word written on it: INTUITION.  There was a book that went with the cards and you were supposed to find your word and read the explanation.  I opened the book directly to INTUTION. 
I couldn’t help but think that if I believed in signs, this would be a sign.  So I read it.  It wasn’t really about intuition, but more about stopping to take time to think (the world telling me I need to slow down and meditate again).  It suggested going for a walk and allowing your mind to wander. 
So I made time between raindrops to get out and go for […]

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