Is Running Bad for You?

The other day I had an appointment with a doctor who told me I should consider giving up running.  She said that running created inflammation and that inflammation breeds disease.  I can tell you right now that at this point in my life I’m not giving up running.  I agree that there are a lot of reasons a person shouldn’t run.  I think it causes inflammation and that is bad, especially if, like me, you aren’t very good at icing.  There is research to prove it puts a lot of pressure on your soft tissues and as someone fascinated with fascia I know that’s not good.  Running can cause small stress fractures in the bones.  None of these are positive.  I know how awful I felt after I ran the Hartford Marathon in 2005, and I think a marathon (like almost any extreme) is not good for the body.  Of course, moderation is always an important factor when you do anything.  But every body and person is different and I know that I need […]

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Icing Sore Joints

Recently my massage therapist gave me a great tip for icing a sore joint. I’ve been doing it, and I love it. Here’s what you do:

Take a small Dixie cup (the kind you often find in bathrooms)
Fill it ¾ with water
Once the water is frozen, use the Dixie cup on your sore/inflamed joint. Ice directly on skin, slowly peeling back the paper of the Dixie cup as the ice melts. Apply gentle pressure so it is like you are getting the benefits of ice and a gentle massage. Keep going until the ice is melted. A towel to catch the melting ice is helpful.
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Swimming isn’t really up my alley, but since I’ve been running again (even though only two or three times a week), and since I’ve been doing a lot of sprints and jumping in the interval class I’ve been taking, I think the pool is where my body needs to be.

I’ve been meaning to get there for weeks, but just didn’t get up and go until last week. And man, I should have gotten there sooner. It felt so good. I swam 15 laps (there and back—I’m such a bad swimmer I don’t even know swim lingo and whether or not if you swam a lap people will assume you went there and back). I kicked on a paddle board for 10 laps and then I ran back and forth and did some jumping jacks.

When I was playing field hockey in college, our coach made us have pool sessions. We hated them because the other teams got a break when we had to swim, but our team had the fewest injuries all season. It’s a small anecdotal study, but I have believed in the benefits of swimming and water on joints ever since. You really don’t have […]