Chill Out for Better Results…It’s Not All or Nothing

The barefoot running movement got a pretty bad reputation because anecdotally lots of people got hurt barefoot running.  If I got seriously injured doing something I attempted to do for my health, I’d stop too.  If I loved running before I altered the way I did it and hated it now, I go back to my old ways.  It makes sense.

One of my friends tore both his Achilles tendons running with minimalist shoes.  But what he did and what many barefoot runners did was push too much too fast.  The barefoot running movement and the makers of minimalist shoes all said if you want to make this change you have to start slow—really slow.  Go too fast and you’ll get hurt.  Taking on more than we are ready for is a major reason people new to exercise stop moving.  They work too hard in a hope to get quick results, get hurt and don’t want to continue.    Some people associate exercise with pain and getting hurt.  That’s always been their experience.  Moving doesn’t have to hurt, and should NEVER hurt in a “bad” way.  The concept of no pain no gain has been disproved, but it is a really hard […]