In the Media

Maggie Downie, owner of Personal Euphoria, has been a featured guest on NPR, Better CT, and other various media sites. Click the links below to listen to her interviews or read her articles:


NBC CT LIVE! – Pros & Cons for Stretching (December 2019)

NBC CT LIVE! – Pros & Cons for Stretching (November 2019)

NBC CT LIVE! – Tips For Runners (October 2019)

NBC CT LIVE! – Is Sitting Killing You? (September 2019)

NBC CT LIVE! – Phone Bones (August 2019)

NBC CT LIVE! – Stretches to Relieve Sciatica Pain (July 2019)

NBC CT LIVE! – Exercises to Help Alleviate Back Pain (May 2019)

WFSB 3 Connecticut (February 2015)

Better CT: Exercises for Better Foot Health from Personal Euphoria (September 2012)


Simply Human (March 2019)






Laurie’s Lemonade Stand (January 2019)






Boost Health (January 2019)









Think Fitness: E38 Maggie Downie Interview (December 2018)










NPR: All About Feet (May 2012)

NPR: A Salute To Urine (August 2013)


TurleyCT Community Publications: Maggie Downie wants you to keep moving (February 2019)

Women & Strength Training (July 2018)

Wethersfield Life: Health, hives and happiness (August 2014)

Five Benefits of Eccentric Contraction: Idea Health & Fitness (April 2015)

The Rib-Shoulder Connection: Idea Health & Fitness (June 2014)

Wethersfield Life: Finding balance (February 2016)

Christian Science Monitor: Whose the Fairest on Facebook (August 2008)

Christian Science Monitor: A Tiny House for Every Story (December 2008)

Hartford Courant: There’s Got to Be A Better Word for Boyfriend (November 2008)

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