Are You Good At Pilates?

A couple times in classes last week people mentioned how well I do pilates. It is and isn’t true. Sure, I’m good at pilates and can do advanced exercises. I’d be somewhat delusional if I said otherwise, but let’s be realistic too, I chose this for my career. I hope I’m reasonably good at it.

(In this picture it looks like I could lift up from my bottom ribs some more, and I probably should knit my ribs because I’m popping my chest out too far.)

Now, here is something else to think about: Just like everyone else, I do the exercises in my own body. I often go to class and see some of my students, especially the ones who have been doing the exercises for years perform certain exercises better than I do. Sometimes our bodies are just made for a certain exercise. Take teaser for example. That is supposed to be one of the hardest exercises […]