Honey Bees Produce Honey

So our honey bees have been going strong all year.  In their first year, they aren’t expected to make any honey we can take.  They are just supposed to get themselves ready for their first winter.  Our bees this year did more than that.  Last week we collected the extra honey and it looks like we might get 30-lbs of the sweet stuff.

Getting at the honey involved shaking and banging the bees off the frames, while trying to kill as few as possible.  I was only stung twice and neither stings were that bad.  The inner thigh again—it’s like they instinctually know that’s a sensitive area—and the forehead, which I thought would be worse than it was, but just made it seem like a had a GIANT zit for a few days.

Most of our honey is a light yellow color—the way you probably picture honey.  But some patches of the comb had dark […]

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Honey Bees Are Doing Well

                                                                           We checked in on our honeybees after one week.  The queen is roaming, laying eggs, and they seem to have taken nicely to her.  The hive looks healthier than they started last year.  There doesn’t seem to be a massive amount of diarrhea on the hive and when Matt and I strolled our yard the other day we saw our very one little honey bees pollinating our black berry bushes.  It makes me happy.
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Queen of the Sun–Honey Bee Colony Collapse

Years ago I used to get a group of friend together for a debate night.  It didn’t work.  Either we all agreed on a topic and the debate portion of the night ended early or people didn’t want to come because they thought they would feel too heated about the topic.  But a couple of weeks ago I went to a college friend’s house to watch The Queen of the Sun, an excellent movie on the colony collapse problem with bees, followed by discussion groups.  It is a brilliant idea to pick an important or relevant topic and have everyone get together to learn more about and then discuss the issue.  It was sort of like a book club but we got to read the book together that night.
The format of the night was fantastic and so was the movie.  As a novice bee keeper who lost all her bees last year, here are some of the highlights that stunned me.
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