Body Image of Young Girls

A few weeks ago I was swimming at the gym and a young girl (I’m guessing 8-years-old) stopped me and said, “If you want I can teach you how to swim so that you’ll actually lose weight.” After my initial embarrassment (because everyone in the pool heard), I laughed it off. I assumed that she thought I looked so awkward swimming that I was getting nothing out of it.  And, I may be reading too much into it, but I think there is a valid discussion point here.

(Picture to left: Me, today with the body of someone an 8-year-old thinks should lose weight.)

I posted the comment on Facebook and told my classes about it. People had differing views but many were really upset. And it got me thinking about young girls and body image.

First of all, there is the good point that I wasn’t swimming to lose weight. I was training for a triathlon. And I swim because it’s good for my joints and keeps me running. Lots of people swim because they enjoy it. Losing weight is certainly not the […]

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Healthy, Happy 4th of July

Here are just a few tips to try and get through the 4th of July with a little more health and wellness. Try using any ideas that work for you.
• Start the morning with a workout (run, walk, do your own routine at home, swim)

• Hydrate (remember your urine should be light yellow all day)

• Pick only one dessert, not all the desserts at the picnic (commit to this before you go)

• Join in on physical activities at your festivities (tag, volley ball, a hike)

• Bring a healthful food choice (fruit salad, three bean salad, green salad, cheese […]

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Reading Makes Me Healthy

I think always reading a book about health and wellness is the secret to staying healthy. Last year when I was reading the Omnivores’ Dilemma, I curbed my eating. Of course, when I was done I started back to my old ways. This weekend I just finished A.J. Jacobs Drop Dead Healthy. I didn’t want the book to end. It was a fun, easy read, and it made me want to strive to be healthier.

In fact this morning when I got up, I started searching Craigslist for a treadmill (under $100 is my goal). In Drop Dead Healthy, Jacobs recommends walking on a treadmill while at work. When I’m teaching classes I’m standing and moving around, but when I’m at the PC doing admin stuff for the company, I can sit for hours at a time.

I know how bad sitting is, so walking at a 1-2 mph pace instead seems like a great idea. I love multi-tasking, too. I think it will make it easier for me to focus, plus I get lots of good ideas when I go for a walk. Maybe this is partly because I break myself away from […]

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