Plank Story: A Scarlet Macaw for Halloween

Pirate and a Scarlet Macaw, well, maybe. Pirate and a Scarlet Macaw, well, maybe.

I’d only left three days to plan my Halloween costume this year.  So on a whim I decided Matt could be a pirate—a costume we basically had—and I could be a parrot.  In my mind I was going to be a beautiful parrot, red like a scarlet macaw.  I hunted on Pinterest for easy ways to transform myself into the spectacular bird.

Then I placed an order on amazon for red, orange, yellow and aqua boas (these would be my wings and feathers); a red bird mask and beak (the don’t sell parrot beaks); a rainbow-colored feather wig and a red unitard.  I had my doubts about the unitard as any sane person should, but I figured I could pull it off with everything else for one night.

All the costume parts arrived the day of the party with little time for adjustments.  I attempted to get myself into the unitard, and I can’t quite express how bad it was.  It was tight, shiny and somehow didn’t fit anywhere.  Important parts couldn’t fit in it, my back didn’t even make […]

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Happy Halloween: What To Do With Your Candy

Here are five things you can do with your Halloween Candy besides eat it…

1)      Throw it away

2)      Bring it to work so someone else eats it

3)      Donate it to a local charity

4)      Science experiment: separate all the different types and see which rots first or in the worst way, which may turn you off […]

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The Grinch That Stole Halloween: Winter Storm Alfred

I have to admit I didn’t have it as bad as some in this recent freak October snowstorm that made half of Connecticut look like a war zone. I got my power back Wednesday. I had a woodstove to keep us warm. We have gas so we could cook on the stove and didn’t lose our hot water. It was a huge inconvenience and pretending I was on Little House on the Prairie got old by about day three, but there were some pluses. Here is how I’m making lemonade out of lemons with Alfred:

· Instead of emailing people for a quick question I called them (when I could)
· I enjoyed many a night by the fireside (something I always wish to have time for)
· I came to appreciate how nice it is when the toilet seat isn’t 50-degrees
· I had time to complete some home projects that were on my list […]

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Happy Halloween

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

And once October 31st has come and gone, I recommend trashing all the left over candy.
Just a thought.
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Halloween Fun Comes Cheap

This weekend was a perfect fall weekend and Matt and I took full advantage. We bought some pumpkins and carved them. I’ve done pumpkins since I was a kid, but I certainly don’t do them every year, which is too bad because it was so much fun.

Plus, now that our jack o’ lanterns are hanging out on our front step, the house looks a little more alive, and I feel a little more in the spirit of a Halloween. Whatever we do that brings us joy is good for the mind and body. So if you’d enjoy carving pumpkins this year, I really recommend trying to make time for it. Not to mention, it’s such cheap fun. We got three perfect pumpkins at Bob’s on the Berlin Turnpike in Wethersfield for $18.

Now, if only I can figure […]

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