Shampoo Update

If you have been reading my blog for years, you may recall that in October 2008 I stopped using shampoo and started washing my hair with baking soda instead. Well I thought it only fair to mention that about a month ago I started using shampoo again.
I didn’t really miss the suds, but I found that my hair seemed pretty dry and brittle all of a sudden. Until mid Decemeber, I was really happy with how my hair looked. At first when I stopped using shampoo, I thought my hair actually looked nicer, but all of a sudden my locks stopped seeming happy on their baking soda diet. In the past I used to occasionally change shampoos because I felt like my hair got used to a particular shampoo and then didn’t look as good. I feel like that is the case now, except my hair is also really dry.
My favorite thing about using shampoo again: having so many wonderful smelling scents to pick from! And, in one month, my hair does […]

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As of tomorrow I will have gone one whole year without using shampoo:


  • When I traveled to China and my boyfriend was concerned about me traveling overseas with a plastic baggie of baking soda.
  • When I went to New Orleans to visit my sister for the weekend.
  • When I went away with my family for a week and forgot baking soda.

So there have been a handful of times where I’ve used it, but I can’t say I miss it at all. And the truth is, my hair is less oily and greasy, so when I do travel, I need to use shampoo rarely–once every three or four days maybe. And I think I only need to use it that frequently because I work out and sweat around my hairline.

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They say habits take five years to make permanent, but I’m confident I’ve said my final bye-bye to shampoo suds for the time being. When I think of it what I’ll miss most of all is making funny hairdo and Mohawks with a sudsy head, but, truthfully, I haven’t done that since I […]

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Refuse to Use Shampoo

Since I gave up shampoo almost one year ago, I’ve been trying to keep you updated on the status. Well, I love it. It’s cheaper and my hair is nicer. It’s fabulous. It’s good for me, my scalp, and the environment.

I admitted earlier in the summer that I’ve started to use conditioner occasionally. With the humidity in the air, I couldn’t seem to get a pick through my hair. When I stopped using shampoo, I stopped needing conditioner to pick my hair, but this all changed with the summer months.

Last week I was picking (sans conditioner) when one of the bristles on my pick broke. I continued until another one flung itself at my shower drain. My pick was done. I trashed it and started using another “Ouch Less” comb, unable to find a pick. It wasn’t ouch less when it broke in half in my hand.

Needless to say, lately, as the summer tapers off, I’ve been using conditioner more than not.
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Shampoo Update

Well as some of you know I stopped using shampoo in October 2008–that’s almost a year now, but this is my first summer without the soapy suds. One of the many changes I appreciated with ceasing shampoo use was that I didn’t seem to need conditioner anymore. That all changed with days at the beach and humid weather curling my hair into knots at my scalp. I don’t need to use conditioner every day, but I have needed to use it, on average, about once a week.

It’s no big deal, but I thought it was important to mention since I seem to have become an advocate of less shampoo. Occasionally conditioner is a side effect of a New England summer.

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No Shampoo Update

I’m still going strong without shampoo. By the end of the first month I had decided that my hair always looked a little too greasy for my liking. It wasn’t greasy in a way that would make anyone look at me and think I was dirty, but I didn’t like it. I was rinsing my hair every day, but it didn’t seem to be enough.

Then I started washing my hair with baking soda and cider vinegar (as recommended on a no-poo website). The baking soda felt wonderful. After a month, it turns out I really did miss having something clean my scalp. It felt wonderful. I used the vinegar to rinse it off and didn’t even wind up smelling like fish and chips.

I think baking soda and vinegar will do the trick for me. My hair didn’t feel or look the least bit greasy. As always, time will tell. I haven’t figured out how often I will need to wash with baking soda yet, but I think I’m hooked.

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